Wealthy Affiliate Review- [is it a scam?]

Have you been searching for a way to earn a living from home?

Have you been feeling like you are spinning your wheels looking for financial independence?

There are so many people that make empty promises and leave you with questions.

I want to answer those questions for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is a pretty well known platform in the internet marketing world. So the question is, is Wealthy Affiliate worth your time and money or is it a scam? Before I answer that for you, I want to clearify what affiliate marketing is first for those who are not sure.

My goal for this review is to give you some insight into an affiliate marketing platform, so that you are able to make a personal, informed decision about this topic.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An easy definition of affiliate marketing from dictionary.com is when “a company pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales that are generated from its referrals.”

What does this mean?

It literally means that a website features or promotes certain products using an affiliate link, and in turn earns commissions from the merchant for a sale or click.

This seems too easy, so why is it not for everybody?

The basis of this principle is very simple, but that does not make affiliate marketing easy per se.

There is some work that goes into turning affiliate links into revenue-it is a business after all, so let’s talk about that for a moment.

Before you can make money from an affiliate link, you must first have customers! Those customers are also referred to as traffic. Not every bit of traffic that comes through will make a purchase, but that’s another post for another time.

How do you build traffic? Well, you have to have somewhere for your traffic to go first-that would be your website.

This is where people can really decide if this type of income is a good fit for them or not, but do not get discouraged just yet, WA is there to help you every step of the way.

Building your website will take time and effort on your part. You will create content, along with other methods, to direct traffic to your website and follow through with an intriguing site. All of that takes time and effort.

You must be self disciplined enough to make your own schedule, and determined enough to keep up the hard work in the beginning when it feels like you are not going anywhere. If everybody stopped trying in the beginning, nothing would ever get done.

You may be asking now, how do you go about getting a website set up?

How do you build a website?

What do you put on your website?

Continue reading, because we will be covering those questions for you.

How Do You Get a Website Setup?

With the world wide web that we have access to now-a-days, there are several different options and platforms to choose from when you are thinking about building a website, but this is a review about Wealthy Affiliate, so that is the one that we will be discussing today.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that serves anyone from ameratures to professionals.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy. Depending on if you go with the free account or you go premium, you get access to anywhere from 2-50 websites that you can manage from one convenient place.

How Do You Build Your Website?

Wealthy Affiliate trains you, step by step, on how to build out your website. Depending on the type of account you set up, you have a number of theme options to choose from, a simple content creator section, and a dashboard equipped with everything you will need to build and run a successful online business.

What Do You Put on Your Website?

That is completely up to you!

There is an endless amount of niche’s that you could pick to focus your website on. You can literally choose anything, and there are people out there that are looking for it. With the help of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you are able to hone in on the things that get your website noticed and you have the freedom to make it your own.

A Breakdown Of Wealthy Affiliate

To answer the main question, Wealthy Affiliate would not be considered a scam. Real work must be put into this, but that also leads to real money. With WA, you do not feel like a deer in headlights. The amount of training and support that you get with either version, which we will be discussing in a moment, takes you step by step at your own pace. This is what I personally love about Wealthy Affiliate and why I chose to go with and stay with them.

Wealthy Affiliate has two account options to choose from. The free version and premium.

Continue reading to discover what both options have to offer.

Free Version: live help for the first 7 days, 2 websites, website backup, beginner training course, personal affiliate blog, Phase 1 of the affiliate boot camp training, video walk through’s, up to 30 searches on the keyword research tool, 2 training classrooms, access to the affiliate program, access to earn while you learn, and 1 on 1 coaching for the first 7 days.

Premium:unlimited live help, access to private messaging, up to 50 websites, website security, website backup, beginner training, personal blog, all 7 phases of the boot camp training, live video classes, video walk throughs, unlimited keyword research, 12 training classrooms, 2x higher payout on the affiliate program, unlimited 1 on 1 coaching, private access to owners, 24/7 website support, access to the website feedback platform, access to the comment platform, and access to the website analysis.

<< Here you can see a side by side comparison<<

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? (Testimonials)

‘Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?’, you may be asking yourself.

To be direct, no, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. There are real people making real money from using this website. They also give a pretty generous freemium option, so yes you absolutely can make money from the free version but you get access to so much more with the premium account, as you can see.

Wealthy Affiliate offers so much more, for free and in the premium version, than its leading competitors.

I started out with Wealthy Affiliate after much research into other affiliate marketing options. Being an elderly, disabled woman, I wanted to do something that I could make some extra income with and also get to spread what I love most- fashion. I did not find another option that offered as much bang for your buck.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for about three months, and in that time I have learned more than I ever imagined possible with the broad amount of training video’s. I have been learning things that has never even crossed my mind about running an online business, and the best part is they explain the reasons behind why you have to do what you do.

Through these training’s, I have learned how to write informative posts so that I can answer questions thoroughly, and how to get my website noticed by people searching the web. For me, WA has been invaluable to my business.

Here are a few more testimonials from real people who have and still do work through Wealthy Affiliate.

Xaric– “I’ve started my affiliate marketing business one year ago with Wealthy Affiliate and I made my first commission 9 months in.
Right now, traffic is increasing and sales keep coming in more and more frequently. I believe that in one year from now, I will be able to become my own boss and live off the earnings of my online business.
None of this would have been possible for me if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliate and the opportunity it gave me to get my first business up and running for free.”

If you would like to read his full success story, you can follow the link to learn all about it.

– “When I was searching for opportunities in stock investing I was contacted by a member of Wealthy Affiliate asking for my opinion about a company we were both evaluating. We both agreed that the charges for
their investing service was outrageous.
He then asked if I had any interest in developing an Internet Marketing Business. Immediately I became suspicious as I had been burned so much by other companies who offered courses in this topic. When he told me he
also went through that same experience until he found a company that provided great training and it was free, I got interested. I got even more interested when he said there was no credit card required to sign
up for the free courses.
That company was called Wealthy Affiliate. I was advised to get my profile completed and start the Online Entrepreneur Certification course right away so that I could truly experience the quality of the training. Once I started the course, Kyle and my sponsor offered me a half price sign up bonus for the following month if I signed up before the week was up.
I jumped at this offer. And haven’t looked back since. Online processes to get ranked high by the search engines suddenly made sense to me. And I didn’t have to pay out thousands of dollars for the privilege. After starting my free SiteRubix website, I purchased a domain name for my chosen niche and filled it with articles. Within weeks some of my posts
were ranked on the first pages of the Search Engines. I was amazed.
If anyone is on the fence with regard to building a business online, I strongly suggest signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. First check out the training platform to make sure it is for you. And if it is, jump in and become a Premium Member. I opted for the Annual Membership option that ends up costing me less than $1 A DAY! There is NO other Internet Business Training Program on the planet like Wealthy Affiliate.
The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be making money online. It’s as simple as that.”

-“Wealthy Affiliate has been quite an experience for me. I started WA five years ago.
When I started WA things were going pretty good for me. I was learning all kinds of techniques and verbiage that I didn’t know existed in the making online world.
As time went on, life kind of took its toll on me. I have lost two loved ones in the past two years which caused me not to work on my business as I’d like.
I’ve spent a lot of time in the hospital. I’m not the type of person that likes to multi-task when I go through times like these, I just had to mourn!
I do work on my site every now and then but not consistently like I should or would like to the way I did in my past.
I still make money with my business but it hasn’t been like it was.
The reason why I’m indicating my downs is that life is never perfect.
We go through stuff in life and if you’re committed to building a business online, know that there will be bumps in the road.
The Key That I Stand Behind!
Never give up even when you go through stuff or tough times.
Even though I haven’t been working as I’d like and I still have stuff that I have to take care of, I stay committed.
I stay committed because I know the training and the tools given to me at Wealthy Affiliate works!
What I like about WA is that they keep up with the times. They stay committed by helping people build a business online. The training they provide works and if you’re willing to work at it, you can reach some awesome goals.
The cool part about owning an online business is that you can work when you want.
After I lost my sister to cancer and my spouse who was dealing with heart problems (God Bless Their Souls), is that I did work when felt I had the strength to.
Why I Stay Committed
I know that I’m going through a phase in life and sugar coating everything I feel isn’t real.
All businesses go through ups and downs, but I want people to know something if they are interested in building a business online.

I wouldn’t be at WA for five years if I wasn’t achieving anything.
I’ve managed to…!

  • Start a website
  • create content
  • build traffic
  • learn a new trade
  • earn revenue
    I’ve managed to do that through WA’s training and I’m a proud member there. I hope to meet and you guys there!”

You can also check out her website here. BeginAtZero.com

There are so many people earning a living working online. If an online business is something that sounds like a fit, do not just take their word for it. Check it out yourself for free.


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