Tips For Women- How to Dress For You

Navy blue

Dare to Be Changed started as an exercise class when I was in my twenties. It did not really last long because I do not like to exercise, so dancing was my exercise of choice. It was both fun and fulfilling which allowed me to reduce the amount of stress that I found myself in. My handsome son was born when I was 30, leaving me with a few extra pounds. Again, dancing was my go to, to take off those extra pounds. In the early nineties, I became extremely ill; topping my weight off at 299 pounds. Being only 5’4, that is not a healthy weight for me.

My feet even grew! I jumped from a size 8 to a size 11 shoe. With all of my health issues, I ended up in a mobile wheel chair. Thankfully, I came out of it and was able to walk again, but the weight remained. It was extremely difficult to find clothing that I liked, that did not look like a potato sack. The larger I got, the higher the price tag went. With this extra weight, I learned that there was not a lot of fashionable options for full figured women. This story is the reason I am here today- to help other women who feel similarly.

Do You!

Today, I want you to focus on ‘doing you’. Being confident in the colors, fabric, cut, and the style of clothing is yours to behold. It is so much fun to shop, even if you do not think so right now. A lot of people are terrified of colors and patterns because it is easy for people to get carried away and

Navy blue

over do it. Pick your base color, and spice it up from there. Nature brings us so many inspirational colors with every changing of the season. Spring, summer, fall- we see multi-facets of beautiful colors everywhere- in flowers, trees, even variations in the grass and weeds. Look around you, and you will see color everywhere! You are no different, so use color to your advantage.

Love Yourself First

Loving yourself makes you a better friend- a better companion. Remember, love is a virtue. Being true to yourself also means knowing yourself. Know that it is okay to make mistakes. Experience is an awesome teacher! Allow your life to flow in living color.

Here is a little exercise that I like to do. Step in front of your mirror, and speak self-love until you believe it in your heart! This may feel weird if you have never done it before, but you will get used to it and it will soon become a part of you. ‘I am beautiful, I am strong, I am poise, I love myself’. Speak ‘I am’ statements until those statements no longer have to be forced.

You may be wondering what this has to do with fashion. When you have self-love, you have the confidence to pick the clothing that speaks to you. Confidence also radiates through in your physical appearance-making you look better!

Know Yourself

Every person in this world is made completely unique. You know your age, height, and approximately your weight. Knowing these three factors alone allows you to master your own personal style that works for you! If you are a size 10, you do not want to try to squeeze into a 4, and there is nothing wrong with your size; just be honest with yourself. Clothing that fits you is going to look better on you than a smaller size. Another great tip is to know what type of material works best for you such as cotten, wool, silk, polyester, etc.

Just know yourself.

Make Your Style Work For You

Knowing what you like is another key to your life of happiness. Make your style work for you.

Many people like being ‘trendy’, which is great, but it is not everything. There are so many amazing styles trending right now, but you have to know what you like. If you are wearing a style because everybody else is, you are probably not going to be overflowing with confidence.

You feel confident when you feel comfortable, so choose clothing and accessories that showcase you. A great tip for this is to highlight your strong points, and make your problem areas work for you instead of against you. For example, if you are not completely happy with your body shape choose clothing that directs the eye away from the parts you are not so fond of, and accentuate those beautiful curves!

Practice makes perfect, so play around with different styles and have fun with it! Society is changing; we now are seeing plus size models, when that used to be something that really did not exist. There has never been a better time to find your perfect style.

Tie it All Together

When you pay attention to yourself you really cannot go wrong, but you must be honest without being judgmental. Positive self talk builds confidence which is the foundation of a fashionable wardrobe. Love yourself! You deserve love, so remember that. Dressing for yourself is an extension of self-love, and do not forget to throw in a dash of color for flavor. Think of color like the cherry on top!

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