About Ms. Sharon

Hi, my friends and younger people call me Miss Sharon. I have a passion for fashion and the works of God. My dream is to incorporate the two into a thriving, honest online business. I have felt the ups and downs of life, but despite all the obstacles I have, and continue to face, there is a special fire within me. The Bible states that, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” After a major stroke on both sides of my brain; I know that the now type of faith is what I need to go after a lifetime dream. Plus, moving forward, my son just told me that he and his wife are trying to get pregnant. Wow! To be a grandmother, I have to have some money to spoil my grand babies!

Women's Fashion

My Passion For Fashion

I grew up in a family that dressed to impress, but my love for fashion really started with my grandma Stubbins. She influenced me in many ways, but what really stuck with me was the fact that she had 20 children, raised 18, and she still managed to always presented herself as a lady. I admire my grandmother for the things she did in her everyday life, such as appreciating and working with what she had. She kept very good care of the staple items that she had, and always looked neat and put together.

Growing up, watching my grandma Stubbins, I learned to think about the way I present myself to the world, how to incorporate wardrobe basics to make several outfits, and how to dress myself for myself while still looking like a lady.

In my mid 20s I began classes at a modeling agency, which expanded my love for fashion. I learned how to apply makeup in a way that worked for me, and learned more about the fashion industry. Now as an elderly, disabled woman, I have had my share of obstacles, and it is my dream to be able to help other women to feel empowered and confident through their wardrobe.

God Created Color- Use It


Color is an important part of fashion that brings personality to any outfit. I want to encourage women to embrace color, and not shy away from it.

I have a true appreciation for individualized fashion that pushes people out of their comfort zone. I want to help women learn themselves, learn their personal tastes, and how to use those skills to dress their best.

I am also an ambassador for Crossroads Agape of Indiana, which works to bring awareness and to stop human trafficking. I want Dare to Be Changed to be a place where women can come, not only for great fashion apparel, but to also feel safe and respected.

Please help myself and numerous others fight again human trafficking. Everyone can help fight human trafficking in your community. If you see anything that does not feel right to you, call 1-888-373-7888 or 911 immediately. Do not approach the situation; get to a safe place and report as much information as you possibly can. Any information you report is crucial to the situation.

If you want to donate or have any questions regarding Crossroads Agape, visit crossroads agape.org, crossroadsagape@outlook.com, or call 1-812-786-0229.


Dressing is An Art

I believe the art of dressing like a lady is being lost to the older generation. I hope to be able to bring this back into everyday life the way it was when I was growing up. Dare to Be Changed is a site where full figured women can come to find inspiration and the confidence they need to embrace their God given gifts.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ms. Sharon


    4 Replies to “About Ms. Sharon”

    1. Thank you, Ms. Sharon, for bringing attention to the problem of child molestation and human trafficking
      We need to do so much more to stop it and to heal and help the victims/survivors.

      1. Dear Sister Meldon,

        Thank you for visiting my website. It is so refreshing to know that you are in agreement with me and numerous organizations in the United States and abroad. I will be doing periodic articles on the subject of Human trafficking.

        Please visit my website often. Within a week or so there will be more content and clothes.


        Ms. Sharon

    2. Ms. Sharon, I enjoyed visiting your website and getting to know you. I looked at your clothes, and being a fuller figured woman I hoped you would have something I could wear. Being a diabetic with neuropathy and unsightly legs, I need long skirts with beautiful tops. I wear an insulin pump which necessitates a two piece dress. Do you have any full-length skirts? Matching tops ? or suitable tops 2X-3X Matching jackets?

      I am also of the same mind as you on human trafficking. Glad to find someone at WA who is fighting against it.

      1. Hello Linda,
        Thank you for visiting my website! We are still working on building out our selection of clothing, and I will take your suggestion about offering some skirts and jackets. Continue visiting the site, and looking for our new additions.
        Thank you for your support on human trafficking. It takes a community to shine a light on this issue!

        Ms. Sharon

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